Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Go Braves!

Last month my sweet husband made it possible for me to check two things off of my busket list!  In case you didn't know ...I love the Braves and have always wanted to go to spring training in Orlando, FL.  I also wanted to see the Braves play the Yankees again.  I saw them SEVERAL years ago play each other in the World Series when I was in college, but I really wanted to see them again.  

I also wanted Jake to see them play.  Jake is probably the main reason I rekindled my love affair with baseball!  We love to watch the games and talk about the players.  He is a great little player too!  Maybe one day he will play for the Braves!  Oh, a mom can dream, right?  Anyway,  he loves baseball, and the Braves and Yankees are our favorite teams.  We have even gotten the rest of the family loving the Braves too!  :) We are pretty persuasive! 

So on a beautiful March day, all 5 of us headed to Orlando after I finished with work on Friday to see the Braves and Yankees play a Spring Training game on the following Saturday.

 Even Mickey Mouse is a Braves Fan!

 If you like baseball, Spring Training is amazing.  The players are very accessible.  All the kids got their baseballs autographed and got to see the players up close. 

We had front row seats!  It was a great view!

During the game, Jake caught a foul ball!  He was so excited! 
It was hit by Tyler Pastornicky who is the new short stop for the Braves this year. 

We all had the best time!

This past weekend, we headed up to Atlanta for opening weekend!  Don gave me tickets for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun!  The Braves played the Brewers, and we won 2-1. 

One of the ushers took our picture for us so we finally have a picture of all 5 us!  :)

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