Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Go Braves!

Last month my sweet husband made it possible for me to check two things off of my busket list!  In case you didn't know ...I love the Braves and have always wanted to go to spring training in Orlando, FL.  I also wanted to see the Braves play the Yankees again.  I saw them SEVERAL years ago play each other in the World Series when I was in college, but I really wanted to see them again.  

I also wanted Jake to see them play.  Jake is probably the main reason I rekindled my love affair with baseball!  We love to watch the games and talk about the players.  He is a great little player too!  Maybe one day he will play for the Braves!  Oh, a mom can dream, right?  Anyway,  he loves baseball, and the Braves and Yankees are our favorite teams.  We have even gotten the rest of the family loving the Braves too!  :) We are pretty persuasive! 

So on a beautiful March day, all 5 of us headed to Orlando after I finished with work on Friday to see the Braves and Yankees play a Spring Training game on the following Saturday.

 Even Mickey Mouse is a Braves Fan!

 If you like baseball, Spring Training is amazing.  The players are very accessible.  All the kids got their baseballs autographed and got to see the players up close. 

We had front row seats!  It was a great view!

During the game, Jake caught a foul ball!  He was so excited! 
It was hit by Tyler Pastornicky who is the new short stop for the Braves this year. 

We all had the best time!

This past weekend, we headed up to Atlanta for opening weekend!  Don gave me tickets for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun!  The Braves played the Brewers, and we won 2-1. 

One of the ushers took our picture for us so we finally have a picture of all 5 us!  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching Up

Well, so much for my New Year's resolution to blog more frequently...
but here is a little catch up post (using phone picts) that will hopefully get me back on track! 

January was warm and beautiful, and we spent most of our days outside.
We rode bikes, went for walks, and played at the park.
We have really enjoyed just being a family, hanging out together,
 and spending some quality time together.

It has been nice!

The kids are all doing well, growing so fast, and enjoying school! 

Cole got to be the Star Student in his class,
spent the night off for the first time,
went on a "dangerous" bear hunt, and signed up to play t-ball!

He is getting so big!

Scout celebrated her 100th day of kindergarten,

learned a lot about dinosaurs,

loves learning to read, and still enjoys going to the library to check out books. :)

Jake had his first spend the night company. They had so much fun.
He still LOVES anything sports related and is excited about baseball season starting soon.

I took this picture of him at his Valentine's Party.  Isn't he handsome!

And finally something besides PE has excited him about going to school :)

His classroom got a smartboard!
They were all so excited!

Besides school and playing outside, all of my children displayed great new talents this month!  :)

 Scout designed her own version of Angry Birds!
I told her she had to stop playing games on my phone, and she and Cole went and
got all her stuffed pigs and angry bird toys!  Definite points for creativity!

Jake learned to ride his rip stick.  I still don't know how he does it. 

And last but not least, Cole's talent...

I think the picture speaks for itself!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Just look at who was the star student at school today!
Scout was so happy. 

Her sweet teacher made a book for her that included a list of all of her favorite things!

each of her classmates drew a picture of her. 

These were Scout's favorites...

Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine.
                                                                                  ---Marilyn Monroe


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

All of the presents have been unwrapped, and the decorations have been carefully stored away, but the memories of this past Christmas season remain. 

Warning:  Lots of pictures!  Remember this is my only scrapbook/photo album!  :)
And I know that it is January, but better late than never, right!?

Here are a few pictures/memories from our Christmas 2011! 

Jake, Scout, and Cole with their elves Red, Merry Mable Mistletoe, and Fred

This is one of my favorites!  This is Cole's favorite toy, Little Buster.  I found it stuck in the tree one morning.  :)  When I asked Cole how it got there, Cole told me Little Buster just climbed up in there by himself. 

Scout with Grandmama and Nanny after her K5 Christmas program. 
Scout played the handbells again this year and did a great job!

Don and Cole at Cole's class Christmas party.

Cole before his K4 Christmas program.  He had a speaking part and did a great job. 

Scout at her class Christmas party!

All ready for Christmas Eve church!

Don's Christmas cookie he decorated at my mom's house.
It is supposed to be Patrick Star from SpongeBob!  I am not
sure how Patrick became a Christmas cookie?!?!

Jake has a mustache!  What?!  He is only 8! :)
Jake took this picture of me and Don in front of the Christmas tree.

Scout's new scooter from Santa Claus!

Jake riding his new scooter in his new Drew Brees #9 jersey!

CoCo's new big boy bike!  He can ride without training wheels!
What my view has been since Christmas!   Ha Ha!  Everyone has a new game to play!
I think I finally got Don a gift he loves...an IPad!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Perfect" Moments

Last night we took a family outing to the mall to see Santa Claus and to get Scout's ears pierced! 
We decided to see Santa Claus first just in case Scout didn't fair well with the piercing experience.
After all, I didn't want her crying and upset in the picture. Right?

So we walked down to where Santa was located, and we patiently took our place at the end of the line. 
There was another family of five waiting in front of us.  There kids were a little bit younger than ours.  There were two older kids probably around ages 4 and 5 waiting with excitement to see Santa.  They stood by mom and dad and barely made a peep as they looked with awe at Santa and waited for their turn.  The baby, I would guess around age 2, wasn't too thrilled about her impending visit with Jolly Ol' Saint Nick!  She cried and screamed the entire time.  The mom finally decided to take a walk with the toddler.  The dad turned around to talk to us.  He told us about last year's Santa experience with the two older kids beaming and the baby trying her hardest to escape.  His reply was that it was the best picture ever! 
I laughed at his story, but in the back of my head, I was thinking, I was glad it was them and not me.
The mom returned, and they walked up to take their turn with Santa. 
The older children ran, the boy actually jumped on Santa's lap.  The baby, well, she cried. 
The parents never broke a sweat, never yelled at  the child, never threatened her, they just smiled, laughed, and appreciated the moment for what it was...LIFE! 
I thought about what I would have done, how would I have reacted in that moment...wanting the perfect Santa Claus picture to display on the mantle?  I watched the family and smiled.  It was a perfect moment.  Isn't funny how God puts people in our path at just the right time?  I will probably never see this family again, but I am glad I did last night.

The parents survived, so did Santa, and the picture was taken as a reminder of the precious moment.  They wouldn't have traded the moment for anything.  And I realized something I have been trying to put into words over the past few months...the moment was perfect for them because it wasn't perfect.
Does that make sense?
It is the imperfect moments that make our life.  Those funny, candid moments that we remember most.


Our visit with Santa went off without any tears. 
All three kiddos marched right up to Santa and told him exactly what they wanted for Christmas.
Jake asked for a TV and a little Auburn football.
Scout told Santa she wanted anything that is for a girl (It must be hard living with two brothers!  LOL), and
Cole asked for a big boy bike.

After our Santa Claus visit, we ventured down the mall to get Scout's ears pierced.  She has been begging asking us for a while if she could do it so we decided tonight was the night.  She was so excited.  As we left Santa, I announced that it was time to get Scout's ears pierced.  Jake's reply, "Yea, we get to see Scout cry!" and Cole chiming in with "Yea!"  Gotta love brotherly love!



Much to her brother's disappointment, she did not cry at all! 
I want to thank you  for all of your sweet comments about my last post whether on facebook, by text, in person, or on the blog.  I know it may have been confusing to some of you.  I was a little nervous to post it, but it was something I wanted to share.  If you have any questions or comments, let me know.  I will answer if I can.  I had over 100 people visit my blog in one day!  That's a lot for me.  Thanks! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wanting What I Have

I have been asked, as many of you have, what I want for Christmas this year about a hundred times!  In the past, especially when I was younger, I would gladly sound off my list of Christmas wants:  new clothes, gadgets, jewelry, you know, all the things I could not live without!  This year though I have found myself struggling to list what I want  which got me thinking... and that was a good thing. 
I needed to think about what I wanted, and most importantly, what I have.

To start off, I surely do not NEED anything.  I am blessed beyond measure. 
I have three beautiful children who are healthy and smart.  After ten years of teaching school full-time and struggling to be a mom and a teacher, I have found a part-time teaching position at my old high school, and I love it.  And after five years of back surgeries, health struggles, and  personal struggles that we could have never imagined, I finally have the man I married back, healthy and strong.  And even though there are wounds that are slow to heal, we are closer than ever because of all the pain.  I watched Don play football this weekend in the park and the sight took my breath away.  Just eight months ago, I thought I would never see that.  And in addition to all of that, we have found a church home, and recently became its newest members last month! Despite sounding cliche...Life is good! 

I said Life is good....not perfect, and I am ok with that!  Actually, I am great with that. 

As many of you know, this year has been tough for me.  I hate to even type that because I know that many of you have struggles far worse than what I went through. 
But at times this past year, I found myself wishing days away,
wanting them to pass by as quickly as possible. 
I wanted to survive the moment, get out of it alive, and as soon as possible.  And then
I found myself on my knees praying to God for strength and help.  And wouldn't you know it, things started to change.

 Eight months ago, I literally fell to my knees and begged God to help me,
my husband, my family.  My husband struggled with pain that I could not comprehend,
but with God and each other, he is well.  I am forever thankful for that. 

So in my pondering over what I want, I found myself thinking a lot about this past year; a year I wanted to forget.  Actually, less than a week ago, I told someone I could not wait to say goodbye to 2011.  Isn't it funny how we wish time away at certain points, and at others we try so desperately to slow it down?  For most of 2011, I simply wanted to survive moments.  I did not live them, cherish them, and hold them tightly.  I should have. 

Eight months ago, my Christmas list would have sounded a lot different than it does today.  I could have listed all kinds of things I would have wanted, things I thought I needed.  And I am writing this to hopefully explain to myself and others the journey I have been on this year.  It was hard, and it is not over, and I am ok with that.  Actually, I am great with that! 

So when I am asked this year what I want for Christmas, my reply will be...
 I want exactly what I have.

Merry Christmas to all of you! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a Boy!

I bet that title got your attention, didn't it!

Well, it is a boy!

Meet Max!

He is the newest addition to our family.

He's cute, and I am crazy!

I don't know what possessed me to buy another dog

except that cute little face,

or maybe it was the three cute little faces at home.

Jake, Scout, and Cole were so excited to get a new puppy.

Max is a great addition to our family even if he does pee everywhere,

chew on everything, and bark all night! That will change, right?